The Budapest Water Summit 2016 launches today

28.11.2016. 6:17

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 launches today – more than 1800 participants from 117 countries arrive to Budapest to attend the event. The most important questions and problems of water, sanitation and sustainable water management will be discussed by attending presidents, heads of states, ministers, high-level officers of international organisations, as well as members of the scientific and civil society.  The event is under the patronage of H.E. Mr János Áder, President of Hungary. The motto of the event is ’Water Connects.’

According to the organisers, the objective of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 is to facilitate water to be the source of cooperation, peace and development in all countries that have a stake in sustainable development, instead of being the cause of global risks and further conflicts of the 21st century. Furthermore, the event wishes to promote the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted last year by the UN General Assembly, as well as to achieve progress on the implementation of the water-related aspects of the Paris Climate Agreement, adopted at the COP 21. The Budapest Water Summit 2016 is the first international conference to summarize the achievements reached since the adoption of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, contributing to the selection of tasks of the next 15 years.