President János Áder: if we lose the water battle, we will lose the climate war


28.11.2016    13:00

In a press conference on the Budapest Water Summit 2016, János Áder, the President of Hungary, declared that if we lose the water battle, we will lose the climate war. President Áder emphasised that, if we are to succeed, a complete overhaul of water management practices is needed, including the reformulation of current institutional frameworks, the coupling of technologies and restructuring of our financial practices. Water is at once one of the most threatened resources in the world, an irreplaceable natural treasure, an indispensable source of energy and the most important issue of the 21st century.

President Áder said that water is the source of security for our lives, our agriculture, our industrial production, our energy generation, our jobs and our economic growth. He added that water is likewise a vital question of national security. President Áder indicated that water scarcity not only culminates in domestic tensions, but it also leads to international conflicts. According to Peter Thomson, President of the UN General Assembly, the world is headed in the direction of unsustainable development. The primary goal of the Paris Agreement is to maintain the average global warming between 1.5-2-0 °C; however, the world is currently set to experience a 3.0-4.0 °C increase in average global temperatures. Mr Thomson said that human civilisation might not be able to survive such an increase in temperatures. Although the objectives identified in the said climate agreement highlight the tasks at hand, humanity has not yet come to realise the imminent danger we face. If we do not realise the objectives specified in the climate agreement, the future of humanity is in danger, declared Mr Thomson.