International photo and video competition by Robert Capa Center ends with huge interest

The international competition entitled „Water Connects” was announced by the Capa Center in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Human Capacities. Photo and video submissions were invited in two categories: photo series created after the year 2000 (minimum 3, maximum 6 pictures) and video material — likewise created after 2000 — with a time limit of 90 seconds. 

Out of the 1094 entries received, 740 were found to be valid. The success of the competition is demonstrated by the fact that  photographers from 40 countries have submitted their entries every hour for an entire month.

All submissions received will now be evaluated by Ms Gabriella Csizek, Senior Artistic Associate of the Mai Manó House; Mr Viktor Horváth, Film director; Ms Gabriella Lonkai, Political advisor, Ministry of Human Capacities;  Mr Dániel Kovalovszky, photographer;  and Mr Ábel Szalontai, Associate Professor of DLA, Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and Director of the Media Institute.

The best entries shall be awarded with valuable prizes, while the top 10 creations from both categories will be displayed at an exhibition organised by the Mai Manó House this fall.

The award ceremony will be held at 7pm on Saturday, 15 October, at the Capa Center. The band “Ivan and the Parazol” will perform a concert at the event.