Draft Budapest Water Summit 2016 Political Statement


The Budapest Statement 2016 is available for consultation

After several rounds of discussion, the Drafting Group of the Budapest Water Summit 2016 has developed a draft Political Statement through online exchanges and a meeting in July in the city of Tihany, Hungary. As you may remember, the Budapest Water Summit in 2013 and its final document, the Budapest Statement was a milestone in finalizing a stand-alone Sustainable Development Goal on water. Now, after the successful adoption of Agenda 2030 and its goal on water and sanitation, we need to focus on the implementation of its water-related goals and targets.


The title of the Budapest Statement 2016 (“Water connects - Actions for a water-secure world”) shows that the draft intends to give concrete directions and guidelines regarding how we can answer the challenges related to water. Soon, the Summit’s Policy Recommendations, an annex to the Political Statement, that has a more technical approach, will be also uploaded by the Secretariat of the Summit.

You are kindly invited to send your valuable comments to Statement.BWS2016@mfa.gov.hu, in order to finalize the draft text with a view towards building a consensus around the principal political messages.

We are eagerly looking forward to you contributions. 


Draft Budapest Water Summit 2016 Political Statement