President Áder: progress at the meeting of the High Level Panel on Water


“We made progress” President János Áder said during the press conference following the meeting of the High-Level Panel on Water.


Representatives of the nine largest development banks were also present at the meeting. The President told the press that all the banks pledged to double the funds available for water related investments in the next 5 years.

President János Áder: if we lose the water battle, we will lose the climate war


28.11.2016    13:00

In a press conference on the Budapest Water Summit 2016, János Áder, the President of Hungary, declared that if we lose the water battle, we will lose the climate war. President Áder emphasised that, if we are to succeed, a complete overhaul of water management practices is needed, including the reformulation of current institutional frameworks, the coupling of technologies and restructuring of our financial practices. Water is at once one of the most threatened resources in the world, an irreplaceable natural treasure, an indispensable source of energy and the most important issue of the 21st century.

High level senior representatives of the UN call for the preservation of water resources

28.11.2016    11:05

Senior representatives of the UN emphasised the importance of the protection of water resources at the Budapest Water Summit 2016. According to Peter Thomson, President of the UN General Assembly, there can only be peace and security if people worldwide have access to water. At the same time, in his video message, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon spoke of the need to transform our management of resources in order to achieve sustainable development.

President Áder: water is the most threatened resource

28.11.2016    10:29

As water is the most threatened resource today, it needs to become the central question of the political thought and action, declared H.E. Mr János Áder, President of Hungary, in his opening speech at the Budapest Water Summit 2016. He underlined: without a sufficient amount and quality of water there cannot be an adequate amount of food, industrial development, nor sustainable urbanization.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 launches today

28.11.2016. 6:17

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 launches today – more than 1800 participants from 117 countries arrive to Budapest to attend the event. The most important questions and problems of water, sanitation and sustainable water management will be discussed by attending presidents, heads of states, ministers, high-level officers of international organisations, as well as members of the scientific and civil society.  The event is under the patronage of H.E. Mr János Áder, President of Hungary. The motto of the event is ’Water Connects.’

Summary of the 3rd day of BWS2016 - report by IISD


On the third and final day of the Budapest Water Summit, delegates heard keynote presentations on four cross-cutting issues: climate and disasters; urban systems; transboundary water management; and progress toward a global indicator framework for monitoring of the SDGs, including SDG 6 on water.

Summary of the 2nd day of BWS2016 - report by IISD


The Budapest Water Summit resumed discussions in four plenary sessions on Tuesday, covering: water-use efficiency; integrated water resources management (IWRM); water quality; and water-related ecosystems. In the evening, delegates continued their deliberations on a draft outcome statement and attended a function titled “Water Connects – Wine Unites.” 


Summary of the 1st day of BWS2016 - report by IISD



The Budapest Water Summit opened on Monday morning at the Millenáris Park conference center, to the rhapsodic strains of Hungarian music and a live sand animation performance by film director Ferenc Cakó, illustrating the vital importance of clean water for communities around the world.

János Áder, President of Hungary, and three visiting heads of state from Bangladesh, Mauritius and Tajikistan addressed delegates at the inauguration session.

In the morning and afternoon, a series of panels convened. The opening panel of speakers discussed how water connects the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Further sessions featured speakers and high-level panelists who discussed ways to provide safe and affordable drinking water, and to improve sanitation and hygiene.

Several events took place in parallel with the Budapest Water Summit, including a Sustainable Water Solutions Expo.

In the evening, delegates attended a concert and reception at the Palace of the Arts.

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