Water walk experience created by Hungarian Interchurch Aid at the Budapest Water Summit

UN leaders, ministers from all parts of the world, princes, professors and well-known Hungarian and international public figures may join Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s awareness raising action.

Prominent guests of the Budapest Water Summit do not have to take big distances from the lecture halls to the outdoor stage if they wish to join Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s (HIA) awareness raising action called „How long would you walk for a glass of water?”.

The treadmill installation set up at the conference’s venue, the Millenáris, intends to draw the attention of the public to the everyday fight of residents of those countries where access to clean drinking water is a serious problem. The organization’s staff members took a treadmill and water-filled cans to the site of the action thus illustrating that (for example) a Southern Ethiopian girl or woman walks 10-15 kilometers a day with 20 liters of water on her back to have water for her family that day.  By walking on the treadmill with two jerry-cans anyone can express his/her solidarity with people of the world facing serious water problems. 

The awareness raising action that has been launched two years ago during the severe drought in countries of the Horn of Africa, has been a great success in several Hungarian educational institutions and national festivals. István Koko Kovács, Hungarian Interchurch Aid’s goodwill ambassador was also among those who were walking on the treadmill and Bebe, the frontman of group Back II Black also joined the action. Voluntary water-carriers followed each other on the treadmill set up in the frame of awareness raising actions at several festivals throughout the country; several hundreds of people have already expressed their solidarity this way.  Photos are made of the walking participants and these are shared on HIA’s facebook page to spread the information even more widely. The awareness raising action is closely connected with HIA’s development program in South-Ethiopia. In the course of the activities launched during the draught affecting millions of people, the organization supported victims staying in refugee camps and cleaned wells thus ensured survival of thousands of people and thousands of backyard farms while also gave jobs for local population and also supported the school of Gayo settlement with a donation.

Hungarian Interchurch Aid hopes that the awareness raising action organized at the request of the MFA of Hungary will be an interesting program among the various cultural events related to the world summit and also that some of the most well-known participants out of the 1200 foreign and Hungarian prominent figures who arrived from all parts of the world, will walk a few meters on the treadmill set up on the site.


Budapest, 8 October, 2013

Kis Boáz press officer

Hungarian Aid

36 30 749 22 68