Water – the Drop of Life

is one of the inspiring topics of the Green-Go Short Film Contest and Festival. Application deadline is 30 September, the best films will be shown at the Budapest Water Summit as well. 

The Green-Go was launched in 2011 for one simple reason: to let artistic people all around the globe express their views and opinions on current pressing issues of nature and society through their short films. While each year there were several films supporting water saving or conscious water usage in, 2013,  United Nation’s Year of Water Cooperation, in cooperation with the Budapest Water Summit, water became a special theme of the contest.

According to the call the organisers welcome pieces from those who feel it is important that humankind deals responsibly with our waters and improvement can be achieved. Among others they are expecting films related to showing how

  • to save up more water without giving up our comfort;
  • how people worldwide waste and pollute just through covering their ‘basic’ necessities;
  • to protect our natural water resources;
  • to protect water and water based ecosystems;
  • we live under the delusion that we have unlimited water resources until the end of times.

 See more information ont he Green Go Fest site