Hungary holds a special interest in water

It was agreed to enhance regional and international cooperation on integrated water resources management as well as on sharing, exchange and dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge related to it at the 2nd Asia-Pacific Water Summit held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 19-20 May 2013. MFA Deputy State Secretary for Sectoral Policies Gábor Baranyai addressed the summit.


Gábor Baranyai emphasized that “the world finds itself at difficult crossroads” and ”the world needs a new development vision. A vision that is fair, equitable, sustainable and engaging”. He also pointed out that in addition to the satisfaction of immediate human needs, we need a specific sustainable development goal that takes account of all other aspects of water.

As he said, Hungary holds a special interest in water because she receives 95% of her surface waters from her neighbours. ”So what happens to the waters in the neighbouring countries is an eminent and immediate environmental, economic and national security issue for us,” he added.

Mr Baranyai underlined that Hungary is organising a major international water conference, the Budapest Water Summit this October with the sole objective of defining the major elements of a Sustainable Development Goal on Water.

The full text of the speech is available here.

(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)