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Civil society for the sake of socialization

Because of the impact of the climate change on water management and the unsustainable patterns of civil and industrial water usage, social resilience should be increased in which a decisive role is given to civil organisations. These organisations have an emphasised function in a sustainable, water-based, social participation-based management of freshwater resources, as well as national and international socialisation of the case.

Reaping the benefits of an inclusive process

One of the reasons of the wide support behind the SDGs is the process of its birth, when all stakeholder groups were invited and involved into the process. This science based, openly discussed multi-stakeholder concept is the proof that the only way forward is through inclusion. With the organisation of the Civil Forum, the Budapest Water Summit 2016 is following the good practices of the milestone conferences on sustainability - United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UN CED), World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD), Rio+20 – United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) -, knowing that there would be no success without the civil sector.

To this end, the Budapest Water Summit 2016 invites civil society from around the globe to express their views on the issues on the agenda of the Summit to ensure that water and sanitation-related SDGs and targets will be addressed in a bottom up and inclusive approach as well, complementing the top-down political-institutional actions discussed by the plenary sessions.

Objectives of the Civil Forum

The Civil Forum will be representative both in professional and thematic terms. Every effort will be made to ensure wide enough participation, and thus a chance to collect reflections on all session themes from an environmental, social and economic viewpoint.

The programme of the Civil Forum will run parallel to the Summit plenary session and the other Forums, so that stakeholder groups have the opportunity to share and discuss their views with each other.

The Civil Forum will offer written precursory contributions to the topics of the sessions of the Summit, allowing for the consideration of these in the Budapest Statement 2016.

The Civil Forum will reflect the issues discussed by the plenary, and will examine the water related risks and challenges from other aspects as well. The preliminary programme is to be presented in June. 


Participation at the event is by invitation and prior registration only. However, the organisers of the Civil Forum look forward to receiving applications for the forum along with a short introduction of the organisation and the applicant. We have the intention to maintain an equilibrium of genders, therefore this aspect will also be taken into consideration while making the final list of participants. 

Please note, that due to the restricted number of participants and the high interest in participation, to our great regret, we are not in measure of accepting all applications.

Participation in the conference is free.

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 does not foresee any financial support or sponsorship.

Contact Us

The Budapest Water Summit 2016 Civil Forum is organised jointly by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary and the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

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Detailed programme of the Civil Forum

Last updated on 27 November, 2016