Visit Hungary!

Hungary is full of contrasts – despite its position at the heart of Central Europe, it is certainly different too in so many ways! Its population is just 10 million, but has a rich and varied culture and a language like no other. 

Although landlocked, it is still a "land of waters", due to the largest lake in Europe (Lake Balaton), mighty rivers which divide and define its regions, and even the capital city Budapest, with Buda and Pest on either sides of the mighty Danube River.

Geothermic activity gives warmth and curative mineral properties to springs all over the county, including the second largest thermal Lake in the world for bathing (Lake Hévíz). Hungary’s culture also shows great variety. Traditions and regional customs, developed in all aspects of life from hearty food and fine wine, to music, dance, and clothing to décor and have been kept alive through the ages. For more information Go to